How to get your vehicle inventory to show on your Google Business Profile (formerly GMB) with Cars for Sales

Include your inventory on Google through your Google Business Profile. By activating, Google users can search, filter, and easily learn more about your inventory, giving your business extra visibility for long tail search results.

Cars for Sale allows you to showcase the products you have in stock and store information to shoppers nearby that are searching for similar products. When a shopper clicks on the ad showing your product, they will be redirected to your storefront.

Benefits of setting up your inventory on Google:

  • Promote Current Inventory - let shoppers know that you have the product they are searching for
  • Bring Your Local Store Online - use Google local storefront or your website as a digital storefront experience
  • Measure Performance - monitor the impact of your digital ads have on your online purchases
  • Drastically improve your local SEO presence and visibility for long tail searches, i.e. Yeti for sale.

google cars for sale


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