The days of a customer beginning their search by walking through your automotive dealership's doors are over. Streaming video allows our dealerships to engage with their online audiences while they’re viewing their favorite content on any device such as Roku, AppleTV or Amazon Fire TV. This is a great way to deliver targeted video ads instantly through programmatic placement of video advertising. The more customized and dynamic the ad, the better the performance.


Streaming services such as YouTube TV and Hulu continue to embrace integrated programmatic advertising. Captivated audiences turn to the streaming device of their choice including smart televisions, gaming consoles, tablets and more, for entertainment and information on the go and at home.


Follows users who have demonstrated enough interest in your brand to visit your website, look for your vehicles on the search engines or watch your pre-roll video ad. Once demonstrating this interest, Green Line will serve them your ads, and even show them exactly what products they were looking at on your site – as they browse other sites on the Internet.

The customer’s direct messaging is determined by their previous online behavior, promoting matching in-stock vehicles. If a vehicle the customer has previously viewed sells, it is replaced with a similar, in-stock vehicle. In addition, if that vehicle has a price change for any reason, the video ad is automatically updated daily to reflect the new price.


Personalized audience targeting is designed to fully customize your outreach across every channel and device. Distributing your ad wherever your customer pops up - automatically. There’s no longer a need to format content per outlet.



We identify an audience based on relevant interests and online browsing behavior, both category and product-specific. This targeting solution allows us to hone in on the target audience with scaleable accuracy and care.


Demographic targeting allows Green Line to customize your creative to target virtually any demographic, such as gender, age, ethnicity, education level, income, and more. The effectiveness of demographic targeting can be accurately measured and helps reduce unnecessary spend.


Delivers an online audience that is consuming media contextually relevant to your campaign. Contextual targeting is all about “the right place at the right time.” Advertising that is immediately relevant to your product or service means your audience is much more likely to complete your desired action, maximizing your results.


Controls when a user can view your ad in order to increase response, reduce CPM waste and improve ROI. Through focused research and reporting, we use dayparting to serve ads to the right audience at the right time.


Targets your audience by device, operating system, connection speed, etc in order to optimize your digital media investment. By targeting an audience based on device characteristics, we can improve close rates and gain a competitive advantage.


Serves ads based on the user’s location to create greater advertising accuracy, increasing ROI and minimizing wasted impressions. Geographic targeting lets us increase the local relevancy of your brand and the effectiveness of your ads.


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