About Us


GLD Auto was created in 2015 by former dealership executives who grew frustrated with the advertising experience and service delivered by the existing advertisers in this space. Our mission is to deliver tier 1 level advertising expertise, technology, and service to the tier 3 dealers.


Advanced and nimble technology integrations.

Any agency can build technology integrations with CRM, DMS, Inventory and Platforms. GLD Auto has technology integrations that can be customized to each dealership’s individual needs.

Top tier employee talent.

All good companies start with excellent employee talent. GLD Auto’s unique internal culture and high pay structure allows us to staff employees throughout the country without a talent pool limited to one market.

Exceptional communication.

Weekly meetings, monthly meetings, dedicated account managers and the ability to speak directly to the specialists executing brings an entirely new experience unique to automotive advertising.

100% transparency.

The days of 20-30% mark up in digital advertising is over in the non-auto space. GLD Auto has brought an end to this model. Not only will GLD Auto give complete access to all platforms (Facebook, Google etc..) but we price our ads at a flat rate. Our flat-rate model guarantees that our recommendations are only in your best interest.