Green Line Digital Heads to Digital Dealer 2023 in Las Vegas: Let’s Unlock Solutions Together!

Green Line Digital Heads to Digital Dealer 2023 in Las Vegas: Let's Unlock Solutions Together!

We're thrilled to announce that Green Line Digital will be making its way to Las Vegas this October 17-19 for the much-awaited Digital Dealer event. This premier gathering of automotive professionals promises to be an exciting opportunity for us to connect, collaborate, and explore new horizons in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

As an integral part of this event, our Co-Founder, Brent Rogers, will be front and center as a panelist for the thought-provoking session titled "New Tech? New Problems? Well, This is the Session of SOLUTIONS!" Moderated by the esteemed April Simmons, Marketing Director at Horne Auto Group, this interactive discussion is geared towards uncovering actionable solutions that you can take back to your dealership.

The session is designed to foster collaboration with industry experts and fellow dealers, enabling us to delve into various areas such as Retention, Fixed Ops, GA4, AI (including Chat GPT), CDP, Social, BDC, Website Conversion of 2023, and the intriguing dilemma of Paid vs. Organic - finding the perfect blend.

Here are some learning objectives you can expect to take away from this engaging session:

  • Putting Strategies into Action: Discover how to craft and implement a robust strategy, backed by actionable steps to propel your dealership's success.
  • The Power of Partnerships: Learn about the types of partnerships that can elevate pain points or take your personal KPIs to new heights, making a real impact on your dealership's growth.
  • Networking with "Secret Sauce" Dealers and Experts: Connect with fellow dealers and industry experts who hold the key to those secret ingredients that can transform your dealership's performance.

The Digital Dealer event is more than just a conference; it's a platform where innovative minds unite to explore possibilities and redefine success in the automotive realm. We're looking forward to engaging with you, sharing our insights, and collectively shaping the future of automotive digital marketing.


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Green Line Automotive was created in 2016 by former dealership executives, Brent Rogers and Steve Jurken, who saw an opportunity in the overall digital advertising experience and service that was being delivered by existing agencies to auto dealers.


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    About Green Line Automotive:

    Our mission is to deliver tier-one-level automotive advertising expertise, technology, and service to the tier three dealers. We focus on giving every dealer the best in technology with a fully customizable approach which gives you an advantage over your competition. We ensure that our search and social campaigns are converting into highly qualified walk-ins, calls, and leads for your dealerships. Our digital strategists ensure that your dealership is making the biggest impact online by creating the best consumer experience online to the showroom.

    GREEN LINE AUTOMOTIVE’s knowledge of the auto industry is unmatched. Our current portfolio is with many of the nation’s top dealer groups, tier-one manufacturers, parts suppliers, aftermarket electronics companies, and professional racing teams. Send us a note and let’s build a strategy that works for you! Learn more at

    Choosing your YouTube Handle

    Choosing your YouTube Handle

    You can now choose your channel’s personalized handle on YouTube. This is a new way for people to find and connect with you on YouTube. This is different than a channel name, as those do not have to be unique to each creator. Handles can only be chosen by one user and are unique to them to establish a distinct presence on YouTube.

    In most cases, if you already have a personalized URL for your channel, it is reserved as your handle. If you’re happy with that handle then you’re all set. If you want a different handle from the one that's been reserved, you can change it. If you don’t already have a personalized URL, you’ll also be able to choose a handle. For example, if your handle is @user123, your channel URL will be

    Remember, handles are unique to each channel, so once a handle has been chosen, it can’t be selected by anyone else. In the future, your handle will be how people mention you in comments, Community posts, and more.



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      How to Show Inventory on Google

      How to get your vehicle inventory to show on your Google Business Profile (formerly GMB) with Cars for Sales

      Include your inventory on Google through your Google Business Profile. By activating, Google users can search, filter, and easily learn more about your inventory, giving your business extra visibility for long tail search results.

      Cars for Sale allows you to showcase the products you have in stock and store information to shoppers nearby that are searching for similar products. When a shopper clicks on the ad showing your product, they will be redirected to your storefront.

      Benefits of setting up your inventory on Google:

      • Promote Current Inventory - let shoppers know that you have the product they are searching for
      • Bring Your Local Store Online - use Google local storefront or your website as a digital storefront experience
      • Measure Performance - monitor the impact of your digital ads have on your online purchases
      • Drastically improve your local SEO presence and visibility for long tail searches, i.e. Yeti for sale.

      google cars for sale


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