How We Do Pmax Vehicle Ads Differently

Vehicle Ads are the latest search tactic for dealerships to use on Google & Bing to showcase their available inventory.

Now that they’ve been integrated into Performance Max, this campaign type is even more powerful, giving our search team the ability to use audience signals and first party data to create unique opportunities to get in front of potential customers for our clients.

Used Car Search

Here’s how we do things differently at Green Line:

Avoiding Wasted Spend & protecting the brand

  • The first thing we do with any account is set up our best practices including reviewing conversions and ensuring we have hard conversions in place (leads), reviewing content suitability, excluding poor placements and known spam sites, and adding negatives such as fixed ops. We also discuss with our clients if they want their brand/trademark terms to show within Pmax or not.

Using CDP/First Party Data As Audience Signals

  • We always seek to find ways to be cost efficient while driving more leads. We use first party data and our own CDP to target specific segments like sales and service users, or someone who purchased their vehicle several years ago and may be due for a new oneLeveraging these audience signals only, allows the algorithm to identify potential customers who are similar to these lists who are more likely to complete the action we want.
  • For one of our Porsche dealers, we spent 29% less spend than our baseline and drove 80 leads (vs 86) at a 24% lower CPL.

Model Specific Campaigns & Asset Groups:

  • Allocating budget to dedicated campaigns that can be paused/enabled based on available stock and dealership priorities. These are honed into only the appropriate models, allowing us to find lower cost and incremental leads compared to traditional search.
  • In a 30 day time period, running side by side with a Search campaign for a Subaru dealership, our Pmax Cost Per Lead was $46 lower than the same model campaign in search ($56 vs $10).

Unique Segmentation Tests

  • We pride ourselves on testing, and you’ll often find us treating Pmax Vehicle Ads as we would an ecommerce client. Thanks to our in-house feed capabilities, we are able to segment your feed by price, model and other custom combinations, allowing us to create asset groups broken out by your dealership’s priorities. Of course, that’s not all - we have tested tangential audience segments such as developing personas outside of “in market” segments.

Zombie VINS

  • Google and Bing have known biases - and will surface what they think will do best, but what about all the other VINS on your lot? We’re able to isolate the VINs that never get shown in Pmax Vehicle Ads and create their own campaign and allocate budget just for them.

About Green Line Automotive:

Green Line Automotive is an automotive digital advertising agency created for automotive dealerships. Our mission is to deliver tier-one automotive advertising expertise, technology, and service to the tier-three dealers. We give you an advantage over your competition by giving every dealership the best in technology coupled with a fully customizable approach.

See our premier services such as Automotive Paid Search or contact us at or 833-GLD-CARS.

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