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Green Line Automotive expands partnership by joining the Shift Digital Subaru Certified Search Program for Sales & Service.

Schaumburg, IL- (October 16, 2023)

Green Line Automotive, is excited to announce they have become a Shift Digital Advertising Provider for Subaru Certified Search Program, specializing in Sales & Service Digital Advertising.

Green Line Automotive will help Subaru Retailers stand out from the competition through their custom-tailored approach to fit each retailer's unique needs and goals all in coordination with Subaru’s search playbook. Subaru retailers are different from their competitors, so why have the exact same approach? Green Line’s Drive Platform ensures retailers have the latest tech combined with their custom strategy to ensure higher ROI and more sales.

Brent Rogers, Co-Founder of Green Line Automotive, expresses his excitement: "Partnering with Subaru is a thrilling opportunity. We're dedicated to driving success for their retailers through our custom approach and the Green Line Drive Platform. We look forward to making a significant impact together." Distinguished as a non-template provider, Green Line Automotive prides itself on its customized digital ad strategies that are different from the competition. They specialize in automotive marketing managing dealerships, automotive suppliers, and OEM/manufacturers. If Subaru retailers are looking for the best automotive agency, look no further. Green Line’s Drive platform will ensure the right customers see the best offers and most relevant ads across all digital platforms. This allows Green Line to help hit Subaru retailer’s sales goals at the most efficient budget possible.

Green Line ensures that its search and social campaigns are converting into highly qualified walk-ins, calls, service appointments, and overall leads for Subaru dealerships. Their dedicated digital strategists make sure Subaru dealerships are making the biggest impact online by creating the best consumer experience from online to the showroom. Learn more about our packages through the Subaru Certified Digital Program here.

About Green Line Automotive:

To learn more please visit or connect with Green Line Automotive today by reaching out to us at or calling (833) 453-2277.

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