How Can You Use AI To Improve Paid Search Campaigns?

A new era of paid search is emerging with more automation, machine learning, and a lot less keywords and ads. The days of hundreds of campaigns and ad groups are slowly slipping away as AI in Google & Bing evolve. But how do we improve campaign performance with potentially less control? We’ll explore a few ways to use AI in paid search to optimize ad copy, campaigns, and lean into machine learning.

How to Use Chat GPT for Google Ads.

There are a number of ways to use ChatGPT for Google Ads that help improve performance and save time, including competitive analyses and ad copy generation.

Using ChatGPT and AI in Paid Search to Get Ahead Of Competitors.

As paid search experts, we are always trying to stay ahead of competition, analyzing auction insights and trying to differentiate our clients. With ChatGPT prompts, we can create a list of competitors, form SWOT analysis, identify new audiences, and key differentiators. With this information, we can not only identify gaps in competitor strategy that we can take advantage of (creating new campaigns targeting audiences that may not be the norm), but can also create new ad copy and ad assets to gain impression share, improve Click Through Rates & drive more conversions.

Using ChatGPT To Write Compelling Paid Search Ad Copy.

One of the most compelling aspects of using AI in paid search, is the ability to optimize ad copy. Using specific prompts, we can determine what matters most to potential customers (value propositions) and even potential barriers to purchase that we can address in ad copy.
Additionally, we have the ability to use AI to generate ad copy specific to a target audience based on their preferences. While we do use our research and expertise, ChatGPT uses machine learning to capture the key points for us that we can then refine.

For those with less time on their hands, Google announced that they are releasing new features to Paid Search that lets you input a website and the chatbot will recommend keywords, headlines, images and descriptions based on the context best suited for you.

Many of these recommendations already exist within the Google Ads platform today, but now Google will be able to do this in real time for ad copy. For search marketers and brands, this does reduce some control over ad copy, but it is a nice segway into AI capabilities.

Ad copy is one of the main building blocks to paid search campaigns and as the space continues to get more competitive, we need to ensure our ad copy is strong and compelling to help differentiate ourselves from competitors. Using AI in paid search helps craft compelling copy and generate new ideas in less time.

AI in paid search ChatGPT example

Leaning In To Machine Learning & Automated Bidding.

Ad copy is not the only way AI can help optimize paid search campaigns. Machine learning and automated bidding strategies are constantly evolving on the Google Ads Platform, but it will be one of the most important to test and learn early on.

AI-powered bid strategies like Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value allow Google’s machine learning to gather information on user behavior and likelihood of converting to make real-time decisions and automate bids to improve performance and costs. This often leads to lower Cost Per Actions and higher conversion rates, while giving us the flexibility to expand our keyword strategies.

As we move towards smart bidding strategies, audience optimization will be a large component of how we create campaigns. Creating segmented audiences that combine customer lists, affinity segments and in-market segments will allow the algorithms to use these as signals to identify potential new customers. This will help us increase reach and deliver ads to the right people at the right time during their customer journey.

What Does this mean?

Integrating AI into your paid search strategy can revolutionize your campaign performance and unlock new opportunities for success. By harnessing the power of AI for ad copy optimization, bid management, and audience targeting, Green Line Digital can help you drive better results, increase efficiency, and ultimately maximize your return on investment. We are embracing the potential of AI in paid search, and coupled with our team of experts, we can create the most efficient, high performing campaigns for our automotive and enterprise clients.

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