Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), while still in BETA, is causing quite a stir as to how it will impact both paid and organic results in the SERP. With Google’s Search Generative Experience slowly rolling out, we are working to establish how this will affect advertisers both from a paid and organic perspective and how we can combat these changes.




As of today when using the Beta version of the experience, the generative AI results fall below sponsored ads, but that is likely to change once it is rolled out completely. Based on the current layout and experience, experts believe there’s a potential to lose organic traffic to your site, as Google pushes organic results further down the page, highlighting only a handful of content, and AI results in its place.

Automotive dealers specifically may be impacted the most by SGE, as potential customers searching for general Makes and Models will generate general information rather than where to buy one.

Near Me keywords, however, will generate map listings first, pushing down organic listings of dealer websites


While there is still much to learn and the overall impact of how SGE might impact organic searches, we believe we’ll start to see a shift in the following:

1. Featured snippets to be replaced by AI
Featured snippets, once coveted in content SEO strategies, are being replaced by SGE (Search Generated Experiences), which offer more detailed and dynamic information as Google has been phasing out featured snippets gradually.

2. Importance of compelling Meta images
To ensure your site stands out, consider enhancing the appeal of the cards linking to your website by incorporating a captivating meta image that clearly aligns with the page content.

3. Photos and videos will remain key
Ensure you offer users photos and videos remain essential for specific searches, as Google has integrated them into SGE for certain searches.

4. Prioritize Relevant and optimized content
Ensuring that your website features relevant and optimized content is crucial for maximizing local visibility in search engine results. This applies to dealer offerings in both sales and service, facilitating better placement and search engine understanding.

IMac Honda Dealer

5. Understanding that you may see a decrease in site traffic
With SGE, Google aims to provide answers to consumers without having them click through on a link aiming to provide complete answers to user queries directly on the search results page, without requiring them to navigate elsewhere.

However, for Dealers, customers will still need to click through to the site to learn additional vehicle details and contact information driving to the higher-value sessions that progress to a Lead and Sale.

6. Adjusting to long-tail keyword
As SGE revolutionizes traditional searching with its interactive experience, our approach to search engines may evolve. The Conversations feature, in particular, is expected to prompt more natural, long-tail search queries.


While there is still much to learn and the overall impact of how SGE might impact organic searches, we believe we’ll start to see a shift in the following: Green Line Digital is embracing the changes to how search will operate in this new world. We are updating our Dealer’s site to be more visual than ever and optimizing for more conversational types of searches ensuring our customers remain at the top of the Search page.


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