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Green Line Becomes Founding Member of Automotive Standards Council

We are excited to announce that our agency has become a founding member of the Automotive Standards Council (ASC). We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of advertising trends in the automotive industry and we believe this partnership will be beneficial to all of our current and future clients.

What is the Automotive Standards Council?

The Automotive Standards Council is a collection of vendors, agencies and dealerships who have adopted a set of standards for implementing best-in-class website tracking for Google’s new analytics platform, GA4. Prior to the ASC, there was no agreed-upon methodology for tracking user events on dealership websites, resulting in inconsistencies between vendors, agencies and dealerships. This often resulted in these groups having to implement complicated tagging strategies that required frequent maintenance and upkeep.

Now thanks to the Automotive Standards Council, dealerships can feel confident that the website tracking infrastructure is consistent between all parties involved with the tracking of events for their websites. This allows for more granular reporting, more consistent tracking and a far more collaborative work environment for all parties involved.

What this means for our Clients

Many of our clients have already started to see the benefits of the new Automotive Standards Council events and have started having conversations with us about adopting these standards. Starting this quarter, our agency will begin the process of updating our tagging approach to ensure it complies with the ASC standards. Most clients will not notice drastic changes as a result of this transition as our previous tagging approach captured data very similar to the new standards. However, we see the benefit of following the new standards and are happy to make the transition. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager and they will be happy to keep you updated on this transition.

Lastly, as a founding member, our agency will have a special seat at the table with the Automotive Standards Council. We will be invited to contribute to the ongoing development of the standards moving forward and will have early access to any new features / events that come out. This level of access will be key to our ongoing success as a premier automotive advertising agency and we are honored to be able to contribute our experience to the council. We are excited to participate in this new movement in the automotive industry and look forward to sharing more about this in the coming months.

About Green Line Automotive:

Green Line Automotive is a digital advertising agency created for automotive dealerships. Our mission is to deliver tier-one automotive advertising expertise, technology, and service to the tier-three dealers. We give you an advantage over your competition by giving every dealership the best in technology coupled with a fully customizable approach.

See our premier services such as Automotive Paid Search or contact us at or 833-GLD-CARS.

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