Google Analytics Updates Bring Good News for Car Dealerships

Google has seen how brands have become hungry for better, more granular, and more actionable information about consumers, and they’ve taken action. Their latest update to Google Analytics is an impressive boost to reporting, data tracking, and even Google Ads integration that car dealerships and their marketers are guaranteed to be excited by.

Nancy Rothman

Here are some of the most promising improvements to Google Analytics for car dealerships.

Improved Google Ads Integration

While Google Analytics had previously reached a fairly impressive level of integration with Google Ads, they’ve now taken it to the next level in ways that car dealerships are sure to love.

For example, you can now pull YouTube clicks and engagement data into analytics, alongside audience enhancements and automatic updates that help dealers see a much clearer cross-channel view of their customer lifecycle and spending habits.

Combined with AI insights and prediction capabilities, we can now better anticipate when someone is more likely to buy, where demand is increasing, and identify the highest revenue opportunities with specific Audience segments.

Finally, updates to conversion tracking now provide a much more seamless experience when you’re measuring campaign performance with website traffic.

Overall, the updated Google Analytics has made your advertising power more potent than ever, and your ability to track customer behavior more robust than at any point in the history of Google Ads.

Deeper Reporting & Data Analytics

Your ability to target the right potential customers with the right message, at the right time and in the right place, is key to the success of marketing your dealership.

The new reporting functionality just unveiled in Google Analytics will help you do all of that better than ever before. You’ll now find more granular user data insights, allowing you to identify which channels are driving the most and highest quality of new traffic.

Meanwhile, you can now identify behavior and actions taken after a form lead submission or phone call, and access more insight into online behavior with the dealership and its website. For example, you can see specifically which pages a user is looking at on your site— are they checking out the services pages, exploring inventory, reviewing a special promotion or offer, looking at aftersales content, or looking up directions to the dealership? The way you would target messaging in each of these cases is different, and now you can know exactly where your best strategy lies for each user— and track user behavior trends globally, too.

The end result is that you can better identify user experience optimizations and priorities, while also better measuring marketing efforts across all channels.

More Insights, More Ways to Take Action

Overall, this update to Google Analytics puts more power into the hands of car dealerships and marketing teams, providing dramatically more actionable insights in one unified platform. By leveraging machine learning to bring more critical customer data to the surface, you can pinpoint specific data trends and use them to transform the way you market to your customers and audience for the better.

Time will tell what other benefits this update to Google Analytics can bring to car dealerships, but rest assured we’ll be diving deep into the updates in the coming weeks to fully explore the value of all these new elements in the Google Analytics platform.

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