Google Adds New Search Ad Experiences Powered By AI

On the latest Google Marketing Live event, Google revealed how paid ads will appear in the new search experience with AI overviews, along with introducing a few new features that heavily incorporate AI.

We hypothesized about this a few months ago, but here our takeaways from the keynote:

1. Google will be showcasing paid ads that aim to guide consumers through complicated buying decisions using AI assistance, tailoring advice and recommendations based on a user’s search.

What this means for advertisers:

  • We anticipate higher conversion rates, but a potential decrease in site traffic.
  • Ensure your product feeds are high quality including detailed titles and descriptions
  • Diversify your campaign types
  • Ensure the use of impactful creative

three phones

zoomed in phone

2. New immersive Shopping & Ad Experiences to engage customers

What this means for advertisers:

  • Similar to the above, with the ability to get more information without ever leaving the Search Engine Results page, you may see a decrease in traffic, but you should also experience higher conversion rates.
  • New features will continue to roll out like uploading photos to get recommendations.

3. New Tools to create Performance Max creative at scale with AI powered image editing

What this means for advertisers:

    • This gives you the ability to turn one photo shoot into a whole new set of creative without a lot of lift.
    • Take your best performing product and showcase it in new light.
    • Be careful to stay on brand and review all imagery prior to publishing.

    google ai image editing

    So what's next?

    Google’s ads above and below the AI-generated overview sections have already rolled out, and soon Shopping ads will roll out next. Ads from existing Search and Performance Max campaigns have the opportunity to appear within the AI Overview, and your search team already has access to the new tools for making new creative.

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