Gbraid Parameters?
What this means for your Google Ads Campaign Tracking

If you have an existing Google Ads account, you may have received an email that gBraid parameters will be enabled for your URLs to measure iOS14.5+ conversions, but what is this and what does it mean for you?

Back in April 2021, Apple made sweeping changes to privacy controls that let iPhone users opt-out of data sharing, limiting tracking across Google Ads resulting in limited visibility in the conversions occurring from paid search campaigns.

As a response to this, Google introduced new parameters, WBRRAID & gBRAID, that help attribute conversions using data modeling to your Google Search, Shopping, Display & Performance Max campaigns, giving advertisers some indication of campaign performance for iOS users. With auto-tagging enabled, these parameters have been available to advertisers since May 2021.



Ok, but why this email and what do I need to do?

At the end of June 2023, the gBraid parameter will be available with auto-tagging enabled for deep-link ads on iOS. This parameter, will help you attribute app conversions back to your ad campaigns and provide more accurate measurement on iOS, with this additional data supporting your Smart Bidding campaigns, you could potentially see a boost in campaigns’

What to do next:

The first step is to enable auto-tagging on your Google Ads account, if you haven’t already done so

On your website and app:

  • Ensure deep links in your app are set up correctly
  • Arbitrary URL parameters are allowed
  • Tracking template is compatible with URL parameters
  • Review your measurement and set up instructions for your SDK or Firebase

If you’re concerned about your tracking and not sure if your website or app complies with Google’s recommendations for gBraid, Green Line Digital’s Data & Analytics team can help audit and assess your website. Contact us today, or if you’re an existing Green Line Customer, reach out to your Account Manager for support.

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