Organic Social


Social media is constantly changing, becoming incredibly demanding for businesses, and hard to keep up with.
GLD Auto will take care of managing the daunting and sometimes stressful pressures of staying relevant on social media.

Content Planning,
Creation, Execution

Personalized, engaging and creative are what we strive for as the end result of each live organic social post. Our goals are each social media post will engage followers on the dealer Facebook page, encourage new followers to the dealership page, create a lead, direct a customer to the website, and the ultimate final result to a new car purchase.

Personalized Organic Social posts

Your 12-week personalized calendar will add a special touch to your social media pages, drawing in new followers, new customers, all while keeping current customers engaged. Competition is tough in the automotive world keeping your brand and dealership relevant on social media is an effective edge over the competition.

A detailed date and time of each scheduled post is always presented to you for pre-approval.

What We Do

  • Special Vehicle Offers
  • Monthly Offer Highlights
  • Personalized Holiday Posts
  • Department Focused – Service & Parts, Sales, Dealership
  • Promotion of Dealership Events
  • Highlight Customer Reviews
  • Fun Vehicle or Car Brand Fact
  • Throwback Thursday – Photos of Older Vehicle Models
  • New Vehicle Technology Information
  • Customer Polls
  • Videos – Vehicle Overview & Dealership Specific
  • Engagement Requests
  • Relevant Vehicle Inventory Photos & Highlights

How We Do It

Organic social posts average 3 per week but can be tailored to the needs and wants of each dealership. Special posts can also be created or added on upon special request.

Monitoring of insights regarding engagement, reach, and target audiences to adjust or modify our posts. GLD keeps the planned posts fresh and relevant to viewers.

Reporting regarding post engagement, month to month comparison, and regular updates to let you know the progress of your account.

Each post is created with a real person doing the work to add a personalized touch, not automated generic posting.