Concerned your SEO isn't up to speed? Is your site following the latest technical best practices? Is your content the same as your competitors? How does your site rank for voice search? All of these questions and more will be answered through our comprehensive website audit. Request yours below.

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Your website's technical health can have major implications on your site rank.

Put simply, if you have technical issues on site you are losing ranking online to your competition. Technically, search engines crawl the backend of your site to read the content and images on your website. With a low health score, search engines may not be able to see everything that is available on the website and you can be penalized or rewarded in automotive organic search results. Better Organic rankings drive more traffic, and ultimately will get your dealer more leads and sales.

Maintaining your site's health is a constant task and the best practices are constantly changing.

Is this jargon going over your head or does the time commitment seem too much? Let our team of experts will stay on top of this for you as a part of our Search Engine Optimization service.

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