Paid Search & SEM


Using proprietary software, we’re able to learn your dealership and create a customized approach to increase visibility and lead volume for your dealership during critical stages of the car-buying journey.

Green Line accounts teams work as a team within your dealership would. By not billing hours or taking a percentage of your media spend, we’re able to be nimble and respond quickly. As part of your team, our paid search process for dealers begins with discovery to better understand your dealership’s unique challenges and needs.

Once we understand your market, your inventory, and your goals, our team of experts conduct research to optimize your campaigns with trend and competitive data.

Strategy, Dynamic Display/Ads, etc.

Our automotive paid search process begins with the discovery phase to better understand your dealership’s unique challenges and needs.

Once we understand your most important goals, our team of paid search experts enter the research phase where we analyze everything from trends & competition in the area to estimated costs & market share availability. As soon as our team gathers this data, we utilize proprietary software (Campaign Launcher) that allows us to quickly and efficiently create unique, in-depth dealership paid search accounts.

The benefits of our software is threefold


It allows us to quickly create & launch automotive paid search accounts for our clients.


It targets broad search keywords that users in your area are searching for right now as well as the more granular, long-tail keywords that users further down the purchasing funnel search for.


Our unique automotive builds are helpful for maximizing on Automotive Advertising Co-Op reimbursements.

We also utilize your dealership’s inventory feed to create Dynamic Display ads by ingesting your feed via FTP and customizing it for use with Google Ads. Our design team then creates dynamic HTML5 creative that pulls in data from this feed, such as vehicle pricing. This allows us to dynamically retarget users who have already visited VDP pages on your website, resulting in higher clicks and conversions to display ads.

What separates Green Line Digital from the other automotive PPC competition?

Firstly, our paid search experts will actually be working within your account on a regular basis. We do not build our automotive client base based on the burn and turn model like most of our competitors do. We are first and foremost a client services business, which is why you’ll have no trouble reaching us if you have any questions or need to make quick changes in your account(s). Secondly, we organize our paid search accounts in a way that’s conducive to your business needs. We have taken over many accounts from our competitors only to find major flaws in their accounts, from their keyword management and ad group break downs to their geo-targeting and bid-modifications.

In many cases, our clients have seen incremental growth as early as the first month that we’ve taken over their paid search accounts. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we provide transparent & extensive reporting capable of drilling down as granularly as you would like to see. This is how we develop long-lasting relationships with our clients and assure them of the great work we are doing.